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What is the added value of packaging

The added value of packaging is the value composed of various cultural elements that take the commodity as the carrier and the external form of the commodity as the communication medium, which can be transferred to consumers through the market and reflect the spiritual pursuit of consumers.

The main elements of the added value of packaging

① Perception. Sensation and …

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Energy saving and emission reduction countermeasures in packaging and printing industry

The ecological design of energy conservation and emission reduction in the packaging and printing industry must optimize the policy environment for energy conservation and emission reduction technology innovation and transformation, strengthen the construction of innovation teams, R&D bases and related testing and experimental platforms in the high-tech field of resources and environment, and promote the establishment of enterprises as the …

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Types of Packaging Printing Processes

Packaging printing is a general term for printing various graphics and texts on packaging materials and packaging containers for the purpose of meeting packaging requirements. Due to the diverse requirements of packaging and decoration for colors and patterns, packaging printing adopts a variety of printing process technologies such as letterpress printing, offset printing, gravure printing, flexo printing, silk screen printing …

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What strategies of packaging design for your products.

Packaging design positioning is a strategic method for designers to determine the theme of packaging design on the basis of product-based market research and correctly grasp the needs of target consumer groups. This article shares the positioning strategy of how to carry out packaging design, and the content is for your friends' reference:

Packaging design positioning

Packaging design positioning, …

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Strength Test and Analysis of Corrugated Paper and Carton

Corrugated paper is the main material for manufacturing various cartons and packaging. The quality and strength of corrugated paper will directly affect the quality of cartons or packaging. Strict determination of all aspects of corrugated paper strength indicators is a very important link in packaging, printing and production, and is of great significance for ensuring product quality and performance. This …