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Welcome on the thePackagingPro’s Blog

Welcome on the thePackagingPro’s Blog

From the day our custom packaging factory was established, we wanted to create a blog about thepackagingpro. Our achievement is to get in touch with packaging experts and graphic designers. We hope this can become a place to share packaging product design, marketing, industry and experience.
We will publish some of our projects and our online services and packaging customers after-sales feedback. We are committed to the world of packaging. We will give anyone with less experience any suggestions on how to use the best way of packaging.

Not only the product knowledge on packaging, thepackagingpro will also publish some printed content to help buyers fully understand the basic knowledge so that suppliers cannot use them. We will also share some new ideas, choices and methods to help You save printing costs.
As we move forward, please feel free to ask questions.

Answering your questions may help others. Custom packaging need not be complicated.


Melinda is THEPACKAGINGPRO'S Director of Digital & Content Marketing. She writes about all things related to design, business and technology and how it serves value to customers, business owners, packaging & printing designers and industry experts.

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