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What strategies of packaging design for your products.

What strategies of packaging design for your products.

Packaging design positioning is a strategic method for designers to determine the theme of packaging design on the basis of product-based market research and correctly grasp the needs of target consumer groups. This article shares the positioning strategy of how to carry out packaging design, and the content is for your friends' reference:

Packaging design positioning

Packaging design positioning, as the name suggests, is to determine your own position. Design positioning is one of the important steps of design conception. It emphasizes being consumer-centric, taking into account the needs of the target consumer group of the product, and transmitting information that can effectively attract consumers to consumers through design, giving them a unique style. Unique impression. The quality of positioning directly affects the sales of goods.

1.Brand Positioning

The design performance strategy with brand as the core generally mainly uses brand culture and brand visual image as the main performance strategy. It mainly shows who the producer of the product is. On the main screen of the packaging, the brand logo, brand Name, brand symbolic graphics, brand symbolic colors, etc. are used in packaging to encourage consumers to buy branded products through consumer recognition and trust of the brand.

The customary design method of this kind of packaging is to highlight the brand name, logo, symbolic colors and auxiliary graphics in the visual design, and apply the brand's visual identity system to the packaging. In addition, many brands use the brand's unique concept, brand story, etc. The brand culture is displayed through packaging.

The packaging design strategy with brand as the core should follow some basic principles of brand design. In the design process, it is necessary to start from consumers and products, highlight product individuality, combine products with brand, and realize the personalized expression of the brand. As one of the main ways to carry the brand, it uses the most innovative and creative packaging to express the brand and attract consumers.

2.Product Positioning

Mainly applicable to the product itself has its own uniqueness, this uniqueness is mainly to distinguish the characteristics of similar products, mainly through the function, characteristics, usage, grade, etc. of the product as a way of design positioning.

Product feature positioning

Product features are based on the needs of consumers to create a unique reason for sales. It uses the difference of similar products as a design breakthrough point. The difference between this product is the product's feature.The selling point of the product is not available in other products, and it also meets the needs of consumer groups. In a market environment with severe product homogeneity, with the uniqueness of the product itself or product innovation as the core, the product has both practicality and In line with the development trend of the times, and cater to consumer groups with product characteristics, it can make products more humane and perfect, and meet the consumer needs of different consumer groups.

Functional positioning

The essence of the product is the function. In the packaging, product function innovation is the starting point of design, which can effectively distance itself from similar products, and at the same time, it can return to the essential needs of consumers and promote product innovation. The function-based positioning also includes products. The packaging has perfect functions and innovative functions.

The improvement of product functions refers to the research of consumer groups, observing the problems encountered by consumers in the process of using packaging, and solving the problems in packaging in packaging design, while functional innovation refers to tapping target consumer groups The functional design of the product brings more convenience and fun to the consumer group and realizes the extension of product functions.

Origin positioning

Generally, products with regional characteristics will adopt this positioning strategy. A certain type of product has good quality in a certain place of production. Due to the historical inheritance and the natural geographical advantage of the place of production, the quality of the product is better than that of other places of production. Such products often take the regional culture as the starting point for packaging design.Different regions and different nationalities will have differences in culture and living habits. Daily daily necessities and food will also have certain differences due to differences in regions and raw materials. Regional culture is an important element of packaging design. Local characteristic products can combine products and culture well. In the design, local special materials, crafts, packaging methods and other local unique cultural symbols can be used. Through proper treatment and application, it can be very good. Shows the characteristics of the origin of the product.

Commemorative positioning

In some major festivals, important events, and sports events, there are often packages with these activities as the theme. This type of packaging is designed with the theme of festivals and event backgrounds to highlight its commemorative significance or holiday attributes. In the brand's products, the corresponding packaging design will be carried out for the festival, which can set off the festive atmosphere and at the same time integrate the festival culture of the sales place into the packaging design.

Product grade positioning

According to different sales strategies and usage purposes, products will form grade differences. In current packaging design, the design often considers product packaging strategies based on the value of the contents, and the packaging design should accurately reflect the value and connotation of the product.

The development trend of packaging is more inclined to bring unique spiritual experience to consumers, and this experience should be healthy, beneficial to individual and social development. In the packaging design of luxury goods, the precious material should not be reflected. The value of packaging should not be over-packed. It is more to find elements from the brand connotation and culture, embed the brand culture in the packaging, and advocate a rational and healthy packaging method and consumer behavior.

3.Consumer positioning

In the market segmentation theory, it is pointed out that through the research of the target consumer group, the consumer group is further subdivided according to the age, consumer psychology and buying behavior characteristics of the consumer group. The characteristics of the target consumer group should be highlighted in the visual design, or the product targeting should be highlighted. The functional characteristics designed by a certain group of people make consumers feel the pertinence of the product through the packaging and make them feel intimacy. Due to the pertinence of its design, it can attract the targeted consumer groups to buy its products.

The development trend of modern packaging design is more centered on consumer groups, and the positioning of consumer groups as the center is also reflected in the changes that packaging has made for the sustainable development of mankind, and packaging has more experience when using products for consumers. With the design brought by convenience and fun, the packaging has changed from simple packages and functions of holding objects to the emergence of promotions. Modern packaging is developing in a more humane direction. With the advancement of science and technology, the functions of packaging protection and convenience for consumers are constantly improving. Nowadays, packaging is more concerned about the sustainable development of mankind, through the use of renewable resources and multi-functional packaging design to reduce resource waste and environmental pollution.

With the emergence of interactive packaging, packaging has changed from a simple information transmitter to an interactor with consumer groups. Through the interesting design in the packaging and the improvement and extension of functions, interaction with target consumer groups is realized, and consumers can use the product. Bring more enjoyable experience.

4.Comprehensive positioning

Mixed application of the above positioning, two or more positioning methods can be integrated into the packaging design, but the specific performance should be biased, highlight the key points, and attract consumers to buy its products with the best positioning method.


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