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Artwork & Design Guideline

For getting best printing performance results,Kindly follow these rules for artwork file.

Please make sure your design meets our specifications required. These specifications are prepared and tested by us to ensure the quality and speed of your products during the production process. If your artwork file does not meet our specifications, thePackagingPro is not responsible for any printing errors or delays that may result in it. Follow the steps below to perfectly prepare your artwork files. If you encounter any problems, our packaging printing specialist can help you or you can consult us.

Adobe Illustrator File, High Resolution Pictures File, PDF File, EPS file, Any Vector Diagram File. If you don't have any artwork file, Tell us what packaging and printing idea, We can customize for your.

Kindly let us know your box size is external diameter or inner diameter. So that we can make best die cutting template figure for your. You can provide die cutting template to us if you have it.

We need your logo or pattern image resolution 300 PPI at least. If you don't have it, We can resize image or re-design for your.

The printing font we are using is the latest version of the font, so whatever font you are using, please make sure that the print version in your artwork file is also the latest version of the font, otherwise there will be some deviation.If you are not sure if the font you are using is the latest version, you can save it as PDF to us, it will solve the font problem.

Please make sure all your strokes and thin lines are 0.25 pt or 0.003 inches in thickness at least.

Actually there are no limits for the colors, you can print as many as 20 colors ( CMYK + Pantone colors), kindly let us know in advance and we will send you packaging and printing layout in advance.