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Cotton Bag

Cotton Bag

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What is cotton bags materials
The cotton bags and canvas bags in the bag type can be called cotton bags, and they are all environmentally friendly bags. Its raw materials are made of pure cotton and are easy to use in the natural environment. Drop and not pollute the environment. However, they also have different places, The thickness of the canvas bag is generally larger than the cotton bag. Cotton cloth is a kind of woven fabric made from cotton yarn. Different kinds of varieties are derived due to different tissue specifications and different post-processing methods. The concept of cotton cloth is very wide. It can be said that any fabric whose raw material is woven with cotton yarn can be called cotton cloth. However, it is put into the daily life to understand. It is generally believed that the cotton cloth is made of single-strand, relatively fine cotton yarn, which has the characteristics of softness, moisture absorption, breathability and warmth. Its disadvantage is that it is easy to shrink and wrinkle. There are a wide variety of cotton fabrics, such as flat cloth, poplin, hemp, twill, thread, velveteen, corduroy and so on. Cotton is a necessity for people's daily life. It is widely used in cotton tote bags, clothing, bedding, indoor products, interior decoration, packaging.

What are the advantages of cotton for bags.
1. Easy to clean.
There is no doubt that non woven bags can be reused. However, in actual use, its life is also very short, and can even be called one-off. Because many people. Because the price of the non-woven bag is low, after a few times, it is too lazy to wash it when it is dirty, and it will not be a pity to throw it. And a cotton bag, the price is a little expensive than non woven bags, and the workmanship is exquisite, incorporating a lot of fashion elements in it, the cotton bag can print a very beautiful pattern and design to produce a variety of shapes, and cotton bags because of its material Characteristics, dirty, very easy to clean, so few people will throw it away a few times. In this reason, cotton bags are far better than non-woven bags.
2. Moisture absorption and moisturizing properties.
Cotton cloth is the main type of textile fabric, natural fiber. It can absorb water into the atmosphere, and the absorbed water has a good preservation capacity because there are many cotton fibers themselves.The structure of the pores can better absorb moisture. The moisture can maintain the softness of the cloth bag itself, while the softness can reduce friction and breakage and increase the life. At the same time, the moisturizing effect can reduce the conduction of electricity and heat.
3. Durable.
Cotton cloth is heat resistant and water resistant. Relative to the non-woven fabric. The biggest benefit is durability. The fabric of the cotton fabric itself is much stronger than the non-woven fabric, so it is strong.The solidity is more prominent, and the number of times a cotton bag is reused is equivalent to the number of repeated use of hundreds of non-woven bags. Therefore, for home practical green shopping bags, it is clear that cotton cloth is more cost-effective. However, the company can customize the gift-type environmental protection bags, and the non-woven bags are more suitable for mass promotion.
As a professional cotton bags manufacturer. We have ablity to custom your design of cotton bags, print logo and patterns etc. Printing Technology: silk-screen printing, offset printing, hot transfer, hot stamp, embroidery, imprinted. Because we are a factory, We can make cotton bags bulk and whosale cotton bags by good price to you.

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