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Everything is customized for you from Professional Paper Bag Manufacturer.

  • Strong Handle - Handles Patch with Strong Glue and Different Types Handles Materials. Make Handle Stronger
  • Perfect Logo Pattern Printing - Non-toxic Water BasedInk and Manroland Printing Machine, Ensure Best Printing Effect.
  • Top Paper Materials - 100% Recyclable Environmental-Friendly Materials and Strong Better Paper Strength & Smooth Feel
  • Clear Crease - Makes Paper bag easy to fold and convenient to packaging and delivery.
  • Advanced Automatic Machine - Paper Bags are Produced by Machines, Keep Overall Cost Down and Fast Delivery and Quality.

Multiple Paper Bag Handles for Your Choice

In order to make your paper bag more personalized, convenient and better quality, We provide a variety of different handle types and different colors of handle. Tell us the type of handle you want, We can customize the length and color and logo of the handle for you.

Manufacture Paper Bags from different type Papers & Colors

As a professional paper bag manufacturer, we have a variety of paper for you to choose. You can choose paper according to the weight, packaging and appearance of your product.At the same time, we can print the color and logo you need on the bag.Highlight your personalized product in the marketplace. We offer a range of highly customized paper bag products.

Kraft paper with a high degree of toughness and firmness, weight in grams: 120-300 grams of thickness, not easy to tear, kraft paper is generally suitable for printing some monochrome or color is not rich in words and lines and strong contrast with the color block. The handbag made of kraft paper is characterized by high fastness and lowest cost. It is generally used for carrying ordinary commodities, environmental protection portable paper bag, food delivery paper bag, packaging paper bag, envelope bag, file bag and medical record bag.
Black Card Paper is a bit of solid and durable, the color is rich black, because the black card paper itself is black, its biggest disadvantage is not to print color, but can be used for hot stamping, hot silver, hot other colors process. Black card plus gold stamping can make your bag look more upscale. The product has good black degree, uniform and fine surface, not easy to fade, high folding resistance, good stiffness, widely applicable to the hand bag, jewelry bag, high-grade product bag. Foil colorful stamping is best for Black Card Paper.
Ivory Card Paper is solid, durable, good smoothness, the color printed is rich and full, paper bags commonly used 210-300 grams of Ivory card paper, often used more is 230 grams of ivory card paper.The strength of the ivory card paper handbag is the highest of all handbags, which is determined by the physical properties of the white cardboard. ivory card paper handbag feels delicate and elegant.ivory card paper has good printability, designers can boldly apply a variety of design techniques and color ideas for any contents.
Coated paper whiteness and gloss are very good, printing pictures and pictures can reflect the three-dimensional sense, but it is not as solid as ivory card paper .The thickness of coated paper commonly used in paper bags is 128-300 grams. Because coated paper has a high whiteness and gloss, printing is suitable for good, designers can boldly use a variety of pictures and color blocks, good advertising effect Coated on the surface of coated paper or matte film, not only with moisture-proof, durable function, but also appear more delicate.

Logo Artwork & Die Cutting Files to You Check.

In order to guarantee to meet your requirements of paper bag, After your good confirm Logo style, Logo size, paper bag width, Length and high. Our Professional designer will according to your request make AI,PDF format of the vector diagram artwork and die cutting draft to the customer to confirm, We will be changed according to your new demand if you don't like it and it's all free of charge.

We will Edit, Modify, Typeset, Proofread, Printing for You.

Regular and Popular Size For Your Reference

Small Size(mm) Medium Size(mm) Large Size(mm) Extra Large Size(mm)
110*50*190 190*90*320 300*130*415 435*130*540
120*60*195 220*100*275 310*130*415 350*150*440
160*80*250 205*100*255 320*140*450 440*160*480
180*80*200 250*110*300 305*150*405 460*140*490
180*80*250 260*110*415 280*130*350 440*140*540

This table just for reference. We can Custom any size for you. (Width*Depth*Height)

How we measure bag dimensions.

Eco Friendly Packaging Paper Board

Paper Bag

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