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We are more than just a cardboard box manufacturer. As a professional factory, we have strict quality inspection requirements and quality inspectors, Quality is our first goal and culture always. We are also the designated cardboard box supplier for Fortune 500 companies. IKEA, Dell and Lenovo are our partners. And to wholesale business partners around the world a variety of cardboard boxes of different sizes, colors and materials. In addition, we are still a cardboard box design company. We can design box size logo color and customize it for you according to your product character. Sample of Cardboard box shape, size, color, logo etc. designs will be sent the to clients confirm. Then you confirm and check that the sample quality meets your standards,We'll mass produce order , This guarantees our order products quality perfect.

What material is made of cardboard box

As a Cardboard Boxes Manufacturer, We use multiple cardboard materials as below.

White Cardboard

Whiteboard is a kind of white and smooth front, the back is mostly gray board, the board is mainly used for single-side color printing made of cardboard box for packaging.White Cardboard paper because fibrous tissue is uniform, surface layer has the packing and the composition of the rubber, and the surface coated with certain coating, and through multiple roll calender processing, so the quality of a material of cardboard more closely, thickness is uniform, the paper generally is white and smooth, with a uniform ink absorbency, and dropping off powder surface phenomenon, less paper is strong and has a good degree of folding, but its water content is higher, generally around 10%, there is a certain scale, it brings the certain effect to printing.The difference between white board and coated paper, offset paper, relief paper is the weight of paper grams, paper is thicker.
White Cardboard Weight with Thickness: 800g/m2 (1mm),1000g/m2 (1.5mm),1200g/m2 (2mm),1400g/m2 (3mm). More weight means more thickness and strength. Custom Cardboard Weight and Size Accepted.
Usage:Suitable for high quality tobacco and wine packaging, tea packaging, tote bags, cosmetics, electrical appliances, clothing, shoes, medicine, light industry and other products packaging, shirt board, photo wallpaper board, frame lining paper, men and women's clothing lining board, stockings leggings, shoe box partition

Grey Cardboard

Gray cardboard called grey paperboard too which is a versatile cardboard and paperboard. Gray cardboard is characterized by smooth paper, good stiffness, no deformation, no separation, resistance to bending, quality of high-grade paper middle range paper price. Now basically all the packaging products are inseparable from it, and the demand for packaging will be more and more large.Now the demand for more and more paper, almost goods from the gray cardboard ah Gray cardboard with various colors of special papers, can be designed and produced many high-grade product packaging boxes and multi-purpose stuff boxes.More weight means more thickness and strength. Custom Cardboard Weight and Size Accepted.
Grey Cardboard Weight with Thickness:300gsm (0.45mm), 400gsm (0.6mm), 533gsm (0.8mm), 600gsm (0.9mm), 780gsm (1.2mm), 850gsm (1.3mm), 900gsm (1.4mm), 1100gsm (1.7mm), 1300gsm (2mm), 1500gsm (2.3mm). More weight means more thickness and strength. Custom Cardboard Weight and Size Accepted.
Usage:Gray cardboard derivative products are: packaging boxes, advertising boards, luggage, hardcover books, storage boxes, samples, lining board, clapboard and so on.

Corrugated Cardboard

The types of corrugated board are three-layers (Single Wall) corrugated board, five-layers (Double Wall) corrugated board and seven-layers (Triple Wall) corrugated board. Corrugated Cardboard has high mechanical strength, can withstand the process of handling the collision and fall. Corrugated board usually has two colors, respectively white and brown paper color, corrugated board box generally only need to use there layers (Single Wall) of corrugated cardboard manufacturing, five layers (Double Wall) of corrugated board most used in the big master carton.If you need to print more colorful pattern or logo on the corrugated cardboard box, you need to mount the cardboard on the surface of the corrugated board or other printable paper such as fine paper,white card paper,coated paper etc. or use white corrugated board to print.
Corrugated Flutes Size: A-flute:4.8mm, B-flute:3.2mm, C-flute:4.0mm, E-flute:1.6mm, F-flute:0.8mm, A/B-flute:8mm, B/C-flute:7.2mm, B/E-flute:4.8mm. More layers means more thickness and strength. Custom Cardboard Weight and Size Accepted.
Usage: Widely used in transport packaging, Master Carton Box, Products Packaging Box

Packaging Cardboard Box Machines Equipment

Provided as a professional custom cardboard box manufacturer. We have a variety of automated production lines, machinery and equipment, Senior Technician. We have automated machines for making cardboard boxes, most of which are made in Germany and Italy that have make and custom best performance cardboard boxes. And we have equipped advanced technicians for these advanced machines. Efficient management and a combination of high-tech machinery and equipment, Greatly improve our production efficiency, no matter how many orders quantity you have, we can produce high quality products for you. And to deliver on time. We are not just a traditional cardboard box supplier, but also a cardboard box manufacturer and company that combines technology.
Our Machines : Paper Cutting Machine, Full-Automation Printer, Full-Automation UV Glazing Machine,Full-Automation Laminating Machine,Corrugated Laminating Machine,Six Color Industry Level Printer, Full-Automation Creasing Machine, Semi-Automatic Creasing Machine, Carton Sticking Machine,Corrugated Board Production Line,Machine Name, Tensile Tester, Mullen Paper Tester,Drying Box,Folding Tester,Compressing Tester,Sampling Machine,Puncturing Intensity Tester

Offset Printing & Digital Printing for Cardboard Box

Colored cardboard boxes are necessary for many products. In order to print more realistic and colorful colors, our production department is equipped with a series of the latest fully automatic offset presses of 2, 4, 6 and 8 colors. offset printing is easy to achieve multi-color overprinting, and continuous image printing quality is best. The offset printing pressure is small, and the imposition is easier, and the printing of large-format products can be completed easily. Our printing presses are fast, save ink and have high economic efficiency. High-grade printing presses with our skilled workers that have full of ability to provide you with efficient productivity to complete a large number of orders.
At the same time, we also have a digital printing printer, It's not need to make a printing plate. Print on demand, High flexibility, High efficiency, Stable color and quickly produce samples for you and produce small orders for urgent orders are digital printer advantage. Fully automatic computer coloring makes your colors more realistic.

Cardboard Box Types.

Regardless of the shape and weight of your product, we can produce the size of the cardboard box and the most suitable box type according to the shape of your product. As a manufacturer we choose the cardboard that best fits the weight of your product to produce the box you need. This will not only give your products the most effective protection, But also make your get the best purchase price. Maximize the benefits of your products on your local market.

Cardboard Boxes

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